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Meet The Designers

Hi, nice to meet you! We are Jill and Tara, the sister team behind Dolce Collective. Our company was inspired by our Italian heritage and the philosophy of la dolce vita.

Since starting our company, we have completed over one thousand events. With backgrounds in corporate event planning and interior design, creating aesthetically pleasing and upbeat atmospheres comes naturally for us. Just prior to founding Dolce Collective, Tara worked as a website and software developer for high-end architects. Jill is innately creative with an eclectic background in brand management and corporate event planning.


We love turning events into experiences on every level. We are incredibly inspired by immersive music and art festivals, which incorporate details designed to ignite all senses. Yes, even olfactory! Did you know that festivals like Tomorrowland actually have machines that add scent to the air to create a specific mood? Theme parks and spas do this too, because scent is one of the strongest senses tied to memory and they want it to be a positive one that you will always fondly remember. We want the same for your event, so that you and your guests depart the event with memories of great times, amazing food, perfectly crafted drinks, and music that sets the tone. 

​We are so excited to start planning with you! As Italians, we fully believe in the phrase “la dolce vita” and living life to the fullest. Cheers to celebrating all the beautiful moments in life and making each one extraordinary!


Jill & Tara
Founders, Dolce Collective

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